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Old Town Tour: from the Town Hall to the Speicherstadt

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Location: Hamburg

Period of time:1h

Price: 12,51€ per adult  

Category: Stadttouren

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Participants: 1-25 person (Open tour)


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Description of Tour

With this varied and relaxed tour, you will gain a first impression of our city. Of its history and present and the peculiarities of its inhabitants.

The tour starts at the Town Hall, where already the architecture and the symbolism of attached sculptures give us some information about the Hamburg traditions, but also about the self-confidence of the Hamburg people.

The Town Hall, it is located in the Old Town, near the Jungfernstieg: the most famous and popular promenade in Hamburg. Along the Petri-Kirche - it is the oldest church building in the city - you will then go to the Domplatz, where the city was once founded with the Hammaburg. You'll hear about "pepper sacks" and "inmates" who created a city out of the castle with their work. Also of Vikings and the old customs of the beer brewers, who brought Hamburg right to the front.

Then it goes to the Trostbrücke, where the old town hall stood. Until the Great Fire of 1842.

Just a few steps further and we are at the first Hamburg harbour. With the Stapelrecht, an emperor once granted it special privileges. Hamburg has been booming ever since. But did everything really go according to the rules? One thing is clear: If the people of Hamburg don't know what to do, they just cheat a little bit ...

In the further course of our amusing and relaxed tour we come across gorgeous Kontorhäuser, beautiful Fleete, also the ruins of the Nikolaikirche. Taking a look at the Michel, our main church and the city's landmark, also still taking the historic Deichstraße, we finally come to the Speicherstadt, where our tour ends.



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This tour is also well suited for wheelchair users.

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