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Istanbul Delights

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Ort: Istanbul

Dauer: 4h

Preis: ab 22,10€ je Teiln. (Staffelpreis)  

Kategorie Stadttouren


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Organisatorische Details

Staffelpreis: ab 1 Teilnehmer 156€ je Teiln.
ab 5 Teilnehmer 36,40€ je Teiln.
ab 9 Teilnehmer 22,10€ je Teiln.

Teilnehmer: 1-14 Teilnehmer (Offene Tour)

Sprachen:Englisch, Italienisch, Spanisch, Türkisch

Buchbarkeit:Buchung zum Festpreis

Beschreibung der Tour

Istanbul Delights is a half-day (4 hours approx. ) private guided tour of the city. If your time is limited, joining this tour you will visit all the must-see monuments of Istanbul, getting the best the city has to offer.
The tour takes place in the Sultanahmet district, the peninsula between Europe and Asia, where over two thousand years Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans built their empires. We will stroll around the ancient part of the city, an area selected as "World Heritage Site" by UNESCO.
We will also gain an insight of the daily life of its inhabitants, discovering some aspects of the city which tourists normally ignore.
In an unforgettable day, we will learn a lot about the history, culture and traditions of ancient and present-day Istanbul.

Recommended itinerary 
- Hippodrome
- Blue Mosque (cannot be visited on Friday before 3 p. m. )
- Hagia Sophia (closed on Monday)
- Grand Bazaar (closed on Sunday)

Please note that being a private tour, the itinerary will be tailor-made to suit your needs and wishes.





Professional guide service (English-Italian-Spanish)


Entrance fees
Hagia Sophia Museum: € 10 per person




It's required to be able to walk short distances

Photos der Tour

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