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7 - 8 hour Kerala backwater cruise in Houseboat.

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Ort: Kochi

Dauer: 8h

Preis: ab 110,50€ je Teiln. (Staffelpreis)  

Kategorie Landschaften & Natur

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Organisatorische Details

Staffelpreis: ab 1 Teilnehmer 359,13€ je Teiln.
ab 2 Teilnehmer 193,38€ je Teiln.
ab 3 Teilnehmer 138,13€ je Teiln.
ab 4 Teilnehmer 110,50€ je Teiln.

Teilnehmer: 1-4 Teilnehmer (Offene Tour)

Anmeldung:7 Tage vor dem Termin Anmeldeschluss


Frühbucher:ab 14 Tagen 5% Rabatt

Buchbarkeit:Buchung zum Festpreis

Beschreibung der Tour

The essence of Kerala in its virgin nature exposed by the backwaters, lakes. lagoons, and rivers. A house boat cruise is the most rfficient way of expreiencing this nature. Meandering rivers and backwaters with plam fringed waterscapes offered by most rejuvenating breezy houseboat cruies is one shortest way of knowing the country.

Hosueboats of Kerala once known by the name spiceboats are now innovated incorporating with the most luxurious interiors. This ultimate way of relaxation, while moving and sight seeing. Most welcoming lobby with one or more bedrooms, with a kitchen is complete in its name houseboat.

Kerala's national food " Sadya ' is served by the Chef is a compelling attraction of this houseboat cruise.  Complee with fresh vagitable, freshcaught fishes, farm fresh meat cooked and served in the kitchen itself. Evening tea / coffee accompaneid with snacks from fresh bananas.

A houseboat privately booked and exclusively for the tour is staffed with 3 in the houseboat and guide. All the four serving you in the houseboat elevate you to a king and qween.




Car hire charges ( Toyota Innova SUV is used.) Houseboat hire charges,( Premium Houseboats used.) English speaking guide. Soft drinks in houseboats and bottled drinking water in car and houseboats.


Any hot beverages consumed in houseboat. ( Hot drinks are not normally served inthe houseboats.)


This tour is not meant for people with limited mobility and imature children. 

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