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Athens food markets

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Location: Athens

Period of time: 3h

Price: from 15,47€ per person (Scale price)  

Category: Gastronomie und Kochen

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Organisational Details

Scale price: from 2 person 24,31€ per person
from 3 person 22,10€ per person
from 4 person 18,79€ per person
from 5 person 15,47€ per person

Participants: 1-8 person (Open tour)


Booking option:Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

Come with us for a slow, comprehensive walk around the food markets of central Athens (vegetables, meat, fish, spices, cheese, bakeries etc). Here you can get some free tastings and buy good quality, local-priced goodies to take back home!

We can finish the day with a coffee or a meal (optional) .



A walk around the food markets, and explanation of different products

Some free tastings (up to the shop owners' discretion!) 

Information on Greek cuisine, if you wish


Interest in local food!

Photos der Tour

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