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The Living Stones From Buzau County

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Location: Bucharest

Period of time: 10h

Price: 35,10€ per adult  

Category: Landschaften & Natur

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Organisational Details

Participants: 1-4 person (Open tour)


Booking option:Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

Discover the Living Stones from Buzau County in an unique one day trip!

Very ancient stones of unknown origin (some of them in an UFO shape) sitting on a top of a hill somewhere in the middle of Buzau county, only 150 km away from Bucharest (approx. 100 miles).

They are called "the living stones" as the legend says they grow a little every year instead of shrinking due to erosion. . .

Among them, a 35 meters (100 ft) column, standing 100 years ago, now lying on the ground, sheltered by the forest.

Get an idea by looking at the pictures, but see the real thing with your own eyes!

We start in Bucharest, going on to Buzau City, on to Parscov and we stop in Ulmet village. There we take a 1-2 km walk up to the stones from the spot we leave the car.

On the return we stop for lunch in a restaurant located in the area (Restaurant - Complex Turistic Magura).

Return to Bucharest is expected to be around 19:00 if departure is 9:00 a. m.

Fixed price: 125 Euro per tour (1 to 4 passengers, same price).

Tour also offered by minibus for max. 15 passengers - Total price: 290 Euro - send a message for details!



car, driver, interpreter, tour guide, fuel


optional lunch at the restaurant after the tour; you can also bring some sandwiches and a bottle of water for the duration of the tour if you don't wish to go to the restaurant after the tour.

Photos der Tour

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