Beograd, Serbia
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Description of Tour

Belgrade historical center, a place where it all began, a place where the history of the continent was created, a place settled continuously for 7000 years.
Scythians and Thracians were here first, at the confluence of two great rivers - Sava and Danube. After them, Scordiscs - Celtic tribe occupied the settlement and gave it its first name - SINGIDUN - the round fort. Later on, it was captured by Romans, Huns, Sarmatians, Eastern Goths, Gepidaes, Avars, Slavs, Byzantines, Bulgarians, Hungarians, Serbs, Ottomans, Austrians, Germans....
Slavs named it "The White City", in Serbian - BEOGRAD - the name it has today.
100 battles were fought over it. 40 times, it was destroyed. Every time, reborn from the flames like a phoenix.

The Tour:

-The Republic Square (National Theater, National Museum, Prince Michael Statue),
-The Students' Square (Students' park, Belgrade University, Ethnographic Museum),
-Kalemegdan park (Old Constantinople road, Monument of Gratitude to France, Great Staircase, The Promenade)
-Belgrade Fortress (Stambol Gate, Open air Military exhibition, The Clock Tower, The Citadel, Despot's Gate, Dizdar's Tower, Mehmet pasa Sokolovic fountain, Dammad Ali pasha's tomb, King Gate, Medieval palace remains, The Victor, Great Well...)
Old town (French Embassy, St. Michael the Archangel - Saborna Church, The Patriarchy, Palace of Princess Ljubica, King Peter I Elementary school, "?" - question mark sign Inn)
-Knez Mihailova Street (Belgrade City Library, Cultural centers, 19th century mansions, Delijska Fountain, Serbian Academy of Science and arts, Nikola Spasic Palace, Albania Palace)
-Terazije Street (Terazije Fountain, Hotel Moscow, Golden Cross Inn cinema, 19th, early 20th century mansions, Belgrade resistance monument)
-Nikola Pasic Square (Nikola Pasic monument, The National Parliament, The Old Palace-Belgrade City Hall, The New Palace-The President's Office, Pioneers' park)





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Comfortable clothes and footwear. Bottle of water.


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