Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - for Travelers


1. Registration

2. Service

3. Products

4. Payment Methods

5. Bookings & Cancellations



1. Registration


1.1 How can I register? 
If you want to register to book a Guide or Tour, then please click on „Register“ in the top right corner of the website. Or please click here:

1.2 Why should I set up an account? 
If you want to book a Guide or Tour, you have to register and confirm to the general terms and conditions as a customer.

1.3 How can I change my password?
Please click on „Login“, to login and then simply click on “Change password”.

1.4 I have forgotten my password, how can I login? 
If you have lost your password, then please click on „Login“ and then „Lost Password“. You will then receive an Email with a link to set a new password.

1.5 How can I change the data as a user?
Please click on „My Account“ and then „Edit Profile“. When you updated your data, please click on „Save“ and changes are made.

1.6 How can I logout? 
Simply click on "Log Out" in the top right corner to log out.


2. Service


2.1 What’s the idea of Guidebooker?
GB is a webportal to intermediate certified Tour Guides and Tours.


2.2 How is Guidebooker characterised as an intermediator of Guides and Tours?
GB offers a wide range of Tour Guides and Tours of all travel categories. GB emphasises an individual booking with an authentic personal service. You can particularly look for Tour Guides that exactly match your preferences (Work Experience, Category/Theme, Language, Age etc.). You can contact Tour Guides without Tours with the option “Individual Request”, and then discuss and book your personal tour (as long as it is offered).


2.3 What are the advantages of booking a Guide or Tour with Guidebooker? 

> Avoid disappointment during your vacation, when Guides and Tours in popular destinations are already booked out. If you book on GB, you have already paid for the tour and your booked Guide or Tour is reserved for you.

> Your vacation is temporary and should be used to relax or experience something new. Therefore stay free from any worries about the creation of your vacation at a strange place with another language.

> Book your Tour Guide or Tour easily from home via the Internet and print out your Ticket. Thereby you avoid waiting at the tourism information office in the foreign destination.


2.4 Do I pay a cheaper price when booking at Guidebooker?
GB tries to cover all major tourism destinations worldwide and looks for a wide range of different offers at the same place. Therefore you have the choice between different Tour Guides and Tours at one special place, and look for the cheapest price.


2.5 How can I contact Guidebooker? 
Please click on „Contact“ at the bottom of the website and choose from one of the options. Please note the order of contacting GB. We prefer when you fill out the contact form.


2.6 Can travel agencies also book with Guidebooker? 
Travel Agencies can book as customers. You can also contact us personally by mail to discuss your individual request.


2.7 How is my personal data protected? 
We can assure you the secure protection of your personal data. All personal data is handled under the rules of the Data Privacy Regulations from 1998 (Germany). Please read the general terms and conditions for customers for all further details about data protection.


2.8 What are the terms of use and terms of booking of Guidebooker?  
Before your booking, please take note of the terms of use and terms of booking in the general terms and conditions for customers of Guidebooker.


3. Products


3.1 What does Guidebooker offer for booking? 
GB offers Tour Guides and Tour around the globe in and outside of cities. We assist you finding the right activity, that meet your personal wishes. We keep on extending the network of Tour Guides creating tours with a wide range of categories and cheap prices to comply with most of the customers travel plans. Please choose from the destination search on our homepage, or specifially search Guides and Tours typing keywords in the search field.


3.2 What are the entry requirements for Tour Guides at Guidebooker?

Every new Tour Guide needs to apply with Guidebooker, before he/she can offer their services on our website. The entry requirements are the following: Training/Certificate as a Tour guide and/or good Work Experience as a Tour or City Guide, or as a registered travel business for sightseeing and tours.


3.3 Can I contact a Tour Guide and ask questions? 
If you wish to ask questions directly to a Tour Guide, you can send him/her a mail on the bottom of the Guide’s main profile. Please note that you are not allowed to write any contact details of you (Email, Telephone Number, Name of Agency), because the Tour Guide or Tour is supposed to be booked via the website of Guidebooker. Also it is not allowed to promote your own business or contact the Tour Guide to work for your business services.


3.4 How do I identify myself as the Customer who has made the booking?
You need to show your ID card and booking number / form to the Tour Guide. According to a prior agreement you might be able to change the name of the Customer (if you get sick and cannot participate yourself). Then please immediately contact the Tour Guide to discuss any changes and wait for his/her confirmation.


4. Payment Methods


4.1 Which payment methods are offered at Guidebooker?
You can use the folling payment methods: Master/VISA, Maestro, Giropay, Paypal and Direct Debit (Sofortueberweisung in Germany).


4.2 How safe is the payment on the website of Guidebooker? 
All payment data are sent to a Secure Socket Layer (SSL), encrypted and secured against misuse. GB authorised a payment provider to manage all payments and has no direct access to all payment data.


4.3 What other options than online-booking do I have?
GB is an online travel agency and uses a secure online booking system. Usually we do not accept bookings via Email, Fax or Telephone. However, we are able to book a Guide or Tour for you manually – in that case please contact us directly with your request. If you have problems booking online, please contact us and we help you with the booking and payment.


5. Bookings & Cancellations


5.1 How does the booking of a Tour Guide and Tour work?
Most of the Tour Guides offer their tours with a fixed program and price. There is a fixed number of participants for you to check the availability.

If you choose a Tour Guide with an individual booking option, you can contact the Guide and discuss your personal program and individual price. When all details and the price are discussed and agreed upon, you can book the tour individually for you or a group and receive all details about the content of the Guide and Tour.

5.2 Is my booking confirmed by the Tour Guide? 
Yes, the Tour Guide must always confirm the request, before you can book, unless all tours with fixed times - these you can book directly.


5.3 Can I book a Tour Guide or Tour at the location of my vacation?
The Tour Guides and Tours can only be booked via the Internet. We advise you to book as early as possible, before the Tour Guide or Tour is booked out.


5.4 Do I receive a booking confirmation? 
As soon as you booked the Tour Guide or Tour, you receive a confirmation for your booking via Email. The confirmation contains all data of the Tour Guide and Tour.


5.5 What are the cancellation terms?
We try to avoid any costs for your cancellation of a Tour Guide or Tour at Guidebooker.

If you want to cancel your booking, please immediately write an Email to Guidebooker with you booking number as a reference. The date of the incoming of your Email is decisive in determining the timeliness of your cancellation. We take care about you cancellation and get back to you shortly, confirming your cancellation. 

Cancellation terms:

- Cancellation more than 14 days prior the tour                     10 % Cancellation Fee, plus any Transactions Costs of your Payment, Return of Payment Fee

- Less than 13 days prior to the tour                                   100 % Cancellation Fee


Special case "Corona Virus": If you cannot enter the country of the booked tour because entry into or exit from the country of your residence is not possible due to entry or exit restrictions in relation to the Corona Virus, then you will be refunded the full amount (excluding any transaction fees incurred).


5.6 Can I change the number of participants after the booking? 
If you want to increase the number of participants, please make another booking for the tour, or contact us for personal assistance.  If you want to decrease the number of participants, please contact us for the change of booking and maybe the price.


5.7 Where can I book a travel (cancellation) insurance? 
The booking of a Tour Guide or Tour does not include a travel insurance of any kind.

However you may externally book a travel insurance or travel cancellation insurance.


Status: 24.03.2022  (The content of the FAQ can change at any time. The date of booking is decisive for the content of the FAQ).