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What I offer: Tours with a local in Berlin and Potsdam

Location: Berlin

Experience: 1986

Profession: Guide

Language: German, English

Booking: Individual Bookings

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About me

BERLIN! No other city in Europe provokes a storm of conflicting images like Berlin. I first set foot in this city in 1986 I haven’t looked back since.


It seems strange to me, but many consider me to be a Berlin fixture and an expert on our magnificent city. Bertold Brecht once said, “You are never born a Berliner, you become one.” I am a local. I am a Berliner.


I have seen the city grow from the front lines of the cold war to a city that has regained its place as the cultural epicenter of Europe. I was in Berlin before the fall of the Wall and witnessed the fateful day firsthand, I’ve made it my life’s goal to show discerning travelers what makes Berlin and the surrounding area so great. I was trained by the German Railroad to run their Eurail Aid Office, where I spent 8 years helping rail travelers.


I am certified as a guide at Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial and am trusted by several embassies in Berlin to discretely guide their VIP guests through the city.


Together with some of the best guides in Berlin, I helped found and am the President of the Berlin Guide Federation—an association dedicated to improving ourselves, our craft, and perfecting the visitor experience.


I have a MA in German history, studied art history in Florence, Judaica in Munich, and attended Charles University in Prague.


Berlin is the most interesting place I’ve ever lived and I hope that my passion and love for my adopted home will shine through during our time together. The bonus of a tour with me is that my expertise is all at the your disposal and I tailor the day to fit your interests. . Time is valuable and I want to make the most out it. Every aspect of your Berlin experience is flexible and personal.

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