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What I offer: Tours in Indonesia

Location: Bandung

Experience: 2015

Profession: Guide

Language: English

Booking: Individual Bookings

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About me

Hai, greetings from Indonesia.

You can call me Fisena, Im 25 years old, born in Yogyakarta and now living (study) in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. I have experience as tour guide because Iam very like to travelling.

I will guide you to travelling or backpacking in Indonesia, if  you like beautiful sunset or sunrise, you can see that in Bali ( Kuta, Nusa Dua dll), Raja Ampat Papua, Weh Island in Sumatera, Lombok.

than when you like beautiful beach with a white sands and best cottage, may you can visit to Derawan Island in East Borneo, Sulawesi have great diving and snorkeling place (Labengki Island, Pulo Cinta Resort, Togean Island, Bunaken, bulukumba) Bali, halmahera in maluku, Bandaneira in Ambon. than you can surving in mentawai ( sumatera), kuta beach in Bali and many more.

you know, Indonesia is have so many kind of people and culture, nice food and great historical, i will guide you in traditional ceremony ( dead ceremony in Toraja (Sulawesi), ceremony in Bali, Ceremony in Jogjakarta, Ceremony in Dieng Central Java, Papua, Chinesse ceremony in West Borneo, or other ceremony in Indonesia.

and then, you should now how our nation history from monument, building or something else, i will get you closer with local people and you can get so memorable trip in Indonesia.

Work experience

01/2014 to this day5 years experience work in restaurant as cook
4 years as marketing communication


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