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I have been working as a freelance adventure pedagogue (BVkE) since 2011. I offer them many interesting experiences such as climbing, canoeing and canyoning. My motto is having fun, learning and traveling. This is exactly how I have divided my offers. For you as a customer this means:

Fun offers: are usually taster courses in which you do not have to learn safety-related things in order to have a maximum of fun.

Learning offers: Are training courses in which you acquire the skills to apply the respective discipline independently in the future according to the lessons. e.g .: learn to climb -Toprope-

Travel offers: Are offers for adventure travel, these can also include compact training. Please note the exact description of the offer. e.g .: Adventure trip by canoe with a compact course for touring canadians

Work experience:

01/2006 until today


Adventure educator (BVkE)Open Canoe Instructor (ACA)Climbing instructor (DAV)


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Foundation 2011
What I offer: Adventure education, mountain and water sports training, company events
Language: German, English, French
Booking: Tours with fixed price, Individual Bookings
Foundation: 2011