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What I offer: Sightseeing, cycling, hiking /or a combination of those/

Location: Plovdiv

Experience: 2004

Profession: Guide

Language: English

Booking: Individual Bookings

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About me

I am licensed mountain guide and have graduated from the University of Plovdiv with a masters degree in "Social and cultural activities in tourism".

During the years I have worked for various companies in different aspects of tourism field which is the reason for my diverse background and interests. Building up experience and knowledge I am now at the point where I found a little more confidence to try and set up a way to work independently! 

My vision is tours designed to combine provide the most of both natural and anthropogenic resources and activities hiking, cycling, mountain biking.

I see this as a way to express my personal opinion and views for the travel & tourism business as a traveler and nature lover myself and relying on my professional experience bringing up products which are more complex, interesting and satisfactory. 

Now I am working on Bike and SPA, Hike and SPA tours, Cross country MTB, combining some of the biggest assets Bulgaria has.

I am happy to share the beauty of my country with you! 

Thank you for choosing me.


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