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My name is Marilina and I was born on the island of Crete, Greece. I am an official Licensed Tourist Guide working on Crete, Holding a PGC in Prehellenic Religion and Arts- Mythology.

For almost twenty years  I have been working as an official licensed guide, having guided on Crete and on other Greek islands, on the mainland Greece in the most important archaeological sites, in North Greece, in Peloponnese and in the country’s most important archaeological museums.

Crete and its unique archaeological sites, historic monuments, traditional villages and picturesque towns, beautiful nature and ancient arts has always fascinated me. The island where European culture and history started is indeed the place where I allways enjoy living in and sharing with my guests. The archaeological treasures of my island are so many and so very connected with ancient myths. I invite you to reveal and enjoy their beauty in one of my private tours.

Another big part of myself has always been dedicated to Arts and especially the Art of dance and theater, which I have been exploring since an early age. I concider the Arts an undivided part of my country's culture and I suggest the experiential exploration of several Ancient Greek Arts in my itinereries such as Music, Theater, Dance, Pottery making etc .

One more important component in my tours is the living tradition on my island, the traditional areas of Crete. I suggest the exploration of really authentic parts of Crete where my guests can experience our old, time honored customs and traditions and go deeper into the Cretan living.

What I actually offer is  Alternative, Artistic, Experiental and Tailor-made ways to visit Crete focusing on the combination on History, Archaeology, Natural living, Tradition and Experiental Arts.

You are very wellcome in my private tours!

Work experience:

01/2000 until today

Crete Greece

For almost fifteen years  I have been working as an official licensed guide, guiding on Crete and on other Greek islands (Santorini, Corfu, Mikonos, Delos), on the mainland Greece in the most important archaeological sites (Acropolis and Athens area, Keramikos, Sounio, Eleusis, Salamina, Delphi), in North Greece (Vergina, Thessaloniki), in Peloponnese (Korinthos, Mycenae, Epidaurus, Tirynth, Olympia, Pilos, Nauplio, Sparta) and in the country’s most important archaeological museums.

I have also escorted and guided groups in several European countries (Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Austria) and elsewhere (Egypt, Cuba etc).

I have cooperated with 25 different Greek and foreign Travel Agencies in my career so far, focusing always on incoming tourism. Examples of such are the Plotin of Greece, TUI Hellas, Louis Hellenic Cruises, Zeus of Greece etc.

Many of my groups have been people with specific interest on History, Archaeology, Arts and Religion such as the Archaeological Society of Australia, The Plymouth Church of
Minneapolis, the Sola Vita Arts Community of Florida, the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China.

I have also undertaken Guiding for several International Congresses and Art festivals, such as for the 15th International Medical Symposium on Crete (2012) and the1st and 2nd Contact Improvisation festival on Crete (2011, 2012).


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Guide since 2000
What I offer: Private Themed Tours in Crete- Cultural, Artistic and Spiritual Tours
Location: Heraklion, Greece
Language: English
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Experience: since 2000