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What I offer: Tours in Barcelona

Location: Barcelona

Experience: 2010

Profession: Guide


Booking: Individual Bookings

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About me

With my rich knowledge of the city Barcelona, Spain I became a tour guide and quickly found there are no quality international companies around who really give you the idea you're being guided by a local. 

Therefore the idea came up to set up my own company and become the #1 tour operator in Barcelona for Dutch and quickly following, English people. In the 4 years I have lived here I gained an extremely broad amount of knowledge about every inch of Barcelona. 

Currently I'm helping out tourists and companies to get the most out of their Barcelona visits. Whether this is for the regular touristic reasons or more complicated requests for companies. 

I'm self-motivated, hard working and making sure that everybody who goes on a tour has a quality time. For me it's important that after a visit the visitors really have some new knowledge about Barcelona. Therefore I'm also offering tours outside the regular city centre, for people who have seen the old centre and want to see and learn more.