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What I offer: Tours, tour-packages, tour-guids,hotels, transportation, all tour services in Armenia and Georgia

Location: Yerevan

Experience: 2006

Profession: Guide

Language: English, Russian

Booking: Tours with fixed price,Individual Bookings

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About me

I am a travel-guide and tour-manager in Armenia. I am a licensed travel guide being in tourism sphere for more then 7 years, running my own small travel company Wonderland Armenia offering variouse tours, tour-packages and all kind of travel services in Armenia and Georgia. It's our great pleasure to do our best for all travelers visiting to Armenia to see and admire as much as possible and get acquainted not only with sights but also being in nature and getting acquainted with Armenian traditions, customes, foods etc. I am a travel guide in Armenian, English, Persian.


Work experience

01/2000 to this dayOrganizing tours and tour-packages in Armenia, Nagorny Karabagh and Georgia
Accomodation (hotels, hostels, renting houses etc) in Armenia in cheap prices
Transportation (we have our own transport-services)
Tourist lunches,caterings etc (running our own lunch and catering business in cheap prices)
Information supply about Armenia and Georgia
Armenia/ Yerevan


Amberd 1 Echmiadzin 2 zvartnots 2 Haghartsni bakum Amerikayi Hayeri ev Amerikatsineri het noravank 9 Jermuk2 Haghartsin 9 Geghard 8 Garny 7 Gandazsar EchmiadzinAdditional2 Dilidjan forests Artsax 9 aragats1 AkhtalaMonastery 2011 with an American on the top of Ara mountain