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You can expect loving organisation, comprehensive care, serious company and knowledgeable guided tours in Havelland with Potsdam and Berlin! And if you wish, I will appear just for you in historical garb.

Work experience:

05/2005 until today

Potsdam, Berlin and Havelland.

First I worked as a tour guide for a historical society, then after several years of professional experience I started my own business and successfully completed my degree as a tour guide at the IHK. I enjoy taking my guests on guided tours of the city, and I often accompany day tours for various coach tour operators. For nature lovers, I offer bicycle tours and expert hikes, preferably near water. I am a member of Potsdam Guide e.V.


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2070 Elke Backhaus


Guide since 2002
What I offer: Guided tours, hikes and bike tours in Havelland
Location: Ketzin, Germany
Booking: Tours with fixed price, Tours with hourly price, Individual Bookings
Experience: since 2002