About me

My name is Martin and I live in Hamm (Westphalia). The city is located on the eastern edge of the Metropole Ruhr and northwest of the Sauer-/Siegerland. Apart from a few weeks a year when I am on the road as a tour guide in the near and wide world, you can find me in these regions as a certified (IHK Essen) tour and museum guide. I have developed my own tour offers for this purpose, but also work together with city marketing companies, tourism offices, educational institutions, museums and commercial tour operators.

I am the right contact for all tours and visits in the Metropole Ruhr and/or the Sauerland. I know the area very well and will certainly have one or two interesting tips or recommendations beyond the booked tour.

Work experience:

07/1980 until today

Metropole Ruhr / Germany / worldwide

Development, planning, organisation and implementation of city trips, excursions, information tours, supporting programme for seminars and conferences, etc. - local focus on the Metropole Ruhr and the Sauerland

05/2009 until today

Metropole Ruhr.

certified RegioGuide for the Metropole Ruhr with a focus on structural change(Arbeit und Leben DGB / VHS)

03/2010 until today

Metropole Ruhr

certified tourist guide (IHK Essen)


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Guide since 1980
What I offer: City tours, guided bike tours and hikes, accompanied bus tours, tours with the Segway.
Location: Hamm, Germany
Language: German, English
Booking: Tours with fixed price, Individual Bookings
Experience: since 1980