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What I offer: Surf, kite, nature observation tours and classes on the Cape Verde Islands

Location: Sal Rei

Experience: 1996

Profession: Guide

Language: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese

Booking: Individual Bookings

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About me

Tired on boring tours, easy routes and crowded places? Join us and see what real adventures used to feel like.

Whether you are addicted to waves, enjoy the outdoors or are a wildlife lover, with us you can have it all. Beginners and advanced surfers can work with us on their skills or search for the best wave of the day with our SurfSafari. The diversity of Boa Vista’s landscapes will keep you on edge, looking out for the next amazing view, making it hard to believe you are still on the same island. Besides the gorgeous raw beauty this island is rich in, it also has some spectacular wildlife. With our Turtle Fun we enter the habitat of several species of endangered sea turtles, learning about them, the organisations that try to ensure their survival and how we can help protect them...