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What I offer: Explore with us the Andes of Chile

Location: Santiago

Experience: 2007

Profession: Guide

Language: English, Spanish

Booking: Individual Bookings

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About me

What makes Fernando's operation special is not only his vast knowledge of the land beneath his feet, his ability to connect with the people from all walks of life which cross his path, nor his hard-assed, unrelenting method of teaching. It's in his desire to take people to the very edge of reason and back, to show them a whole new world in which a hike is not just a hike, but a total sensory experience in itself. Off the beaten track, for sure, but on a newly forged path in which you can see and feel and taste your surroundings as you've never before imagined.


Truly experiencing that sense of wonder is all about the exploration and discovery of what is around that next corner in these mountains steeped in so much amazing history and legends.


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