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What I offer: exploring the layers of a legendary historical capital with a pro-historian&guide

Location: Istanbul

Experience: 2006

Profession: Guide

Language: English

Booking: Individual Bookings

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About me

I am a professional tour-guide certified by the ministry of culture & tourism. I have been doing various tours both in Istanbul and all-around Turkey for 6 years, predominantly with English-speaking groups.  Meanwhile, I am a historian as well, a part-time teaching assistant at a private university in Istanbul. I am graduated from a history department in Istanbul (Bogazici University), which teaches completely in English. Following the graduation, I joined the guiding courses and trainings that were organized by ministry of culture. Lastly, I am a grad student at a history department (Istanbul Sehir University). Along all these educational years, I also attended to German, French, Persian and Ottoman Turkish (in Arabic letters) classes. At the end of the day, I have abilities to read or communicate in several languages at different levels beside a very fluent English proficiency.

Thanks to being part of the academic world, I had opportunities to work with very sophisticated groups and individual scholars from various universities, especially from USA and EU. On the other hand, I have been traveling with several high rank professionals or families showing a great interest about the historical backgorund of the city and country. All these different and demanding works enriched my repertoire as a professional guide for a diverse range of profiles. In short, I have become a traveling historian, who is experienced in designing and conducting tours. In addition to the classical Mediterranean Antiquity around the Asia Minor, and the Mesopotamian wonders of south-eastern Turkey, especially the Ottomans and their capital (Istanbul, 15th -20th centuries) is my special field of study.

Beyond lecturing historical background at different levels, I am personally very into the culinary culture. In fact, the Turkish cuisine allows me to offer a rich menu because it is a rich collection derived from Mesopotamian, Mediterranean, Balkan and Caucasian tastes. The range is so wide with an olive oil-based vegetarian kitchen to an abundance of local seafood. Furthermore, I haven’t even mentioned the special kebab places yet... These all helps me to meet the expectations of highly demanding organizations in accordance with the preferences of my guests. At the same time, I like to use such culinary contents to make my guests penetrate into the daily life of the city via the markets and restaurants. These efforts makes the real contemporary Istanbul visible beyond the magical clouds of the historical wonders.

My guest(s) may either be a first-timer having only a single day or a specialist of the region with long-term plans. I have the necessary knowledge and experience for a very satisfactory made program tailored according to your interests and expectations. 

Work experience

06/2009 to this daytour-guide certified by the ministry of culture&tourismistanbul
09/2010 - 09/2012teaching assistant at the history departmentistanbul sehir university


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