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What I offer: Tours in my city Lille

Location: Lille

Experience: 1998

Profession: Guide

Language: English, French, Spanish

Booking: Individual Bookings

Request and Booking

About me

Hello! What a joy to offer tours of my city, Lille! I have been working as a Program Manager for over 10 years in all Europe and I feel I can use all my professional skills to help you discover Lille!

I have set city walks of Lille, as I understand every guest is unique, should you have any points of interests or special requests for your tour, I will do my best to accommodate you. Let me be your local expert! The tours can be adjusted for family groups or a younger public, should you be a gourmet, we can also include a tasting of local product or a sweet specialty!

Lille was once the capital of Flanders, known as Rijsel, and offers today a great variety of architecture and monuments relating it rich history and struggles… beside we also have here the “Queen of the citadelle” designed by Vauban, although it is being restored and away from the center, it is well worth a visit, Lille still has 3 gates marking former entrances! Lille also has a very rich art collection in the fine art Museum, you may see great work from Monet, Rubens, Goya or Rodin to name a few …

Work experience

09/1998 to this dayI have worked over 10 years as a full time Program Manager for international companies, in Europe, my clients were from the US , from Australia, Great Britain and Canada, english speaking countries. I am now a licenced national guide in France.lille