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What I offer: Private tours in Istanbul

Location: Istanbul

Experience: 2013

Profession: Guide

Language: English

Booking: Individual Bookings

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About me


This is Nesime from İstanbul-Turkey. I am a professional Tourist Guide in Turkey since 2008. I do private tours for individuals and groups in İstanbul, Anatolia-Asia Minor, Cappadocia and Southeastern part (Mesopotamia) of Turkey. I am waitting for those whoever want to be transformed from the streets of İstanbul to ancient times of Anatolia.

Set off and come to İstanbul :)


Work experience

08/2008 to this dayI began as a Tourist Guide in 2008 and have been working at it with a great enthusiasm, as history, culture and the past were always the most interest fields of mine. I am an active licensed professional Tourist Guide and like to add personal touches to every tour of mine. It is extremely important for me that my guests return home with great experiences to remember Turkey, the Cradle of Civilizations..

Besides, I operate and organise the tours and any tourism releated projects all over Turkey as well as in Istanbul, as i have the experience to mix the analyticial thinking of engineering with the vision of my favorite job: Tourism.