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What I offer: Tours in Siena

Location: Siena

Experience: 2010

Profession: Guide


Booking: Individual Bookings

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About me

My name is Demetra, I live in Siena and I focused my studies on the knowledge of foreign languages. After I lost myself among books and various jobs, I decided to transform one of my greatest passions in a lifestyle. Thanks to the Course organized by the Siena’s Province: hours of lessons, internships and study, I became a Guide of Siena and Province. I learned that everything is Art, which can vary from the most classical to the most mysterious one, from a gorgeous painting to a simple picture; it also hides behind every panoramic view, in the various colors of the sky, in the reflections of sunlight crashing on every single stone, in the buildings ready to tell their story, in the most precious museums, in the most beautiful squares of the world and in a simple, but delicious, dish of typical Tuscan cuisine.

It is no coincidence that Siena’s Province boasts four UNESCO World Heritage sites!

In the wake of the emotions, I would carry you to discover one of the havens the most photographed and wished on the world. Always willing and open to meet all your needs and requirements, proud to build whenever you wish an itinerary for you, I’m waiting for you to discover step by step my city and its province.

Why choose a Travel Guide? Because she’s a qualified person, a security that will make your holiday unforgettable and full of surprises; who knows how explain you clearly and simply history, art, monuments, traditions and curiosities.

You are choosing a holiday without stress and an ideal escape to the daily routine.

We’re waiting you, always ready to amaze you …